Job Seekers – Submit a Resume is your online resource for finding medical jobs which fit your needs.  This site makes it extremely easy to search and apply for the jobs which meet your qualifications.

GoMedJobs is also integrated with several social media platforms (ShareThis, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) so you can let your friends, colleagues, and  family members know about a job that may be of interest to them.   And, many of the jobs offer a referral bonus.  So, you can even make some extra cash by simply telling someone else about a job!

To get started, simply look through our pages of jobs – or use the search menus on the side-bar to find specific jobs of interest.

If you see one that you like, simply click on “Apply For This Job” under the job description…where you can submit your contact information and resume.

And, don’t forget to stay in contact with GoMedJobs through Facebook, Twitter, RSS Feeds, or our newsletter (hey….why not sign up for all 4)….see the side bar on this page to sign up.


Now…if you REALLY need a job, but cannot find one on this site, you are not completely out of luck.  If you submit your resume, one of our recruitment experts will work directly with you (no charge!) to find a job that specifically meets your needs (location, salary, education, etc.).  To get started, simply post your resume and contact information by clicking on   One of our recruitment experts will contact you quickly.

If you have any questions at all, email , use the form below, or call us at 888-458-0188.

Let us help accelerate your job search!

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