Employer F.A.Q.

If you are visiting this page, I guess you need more information.  Please see the FAQ below.  If you still have a question, please use the reply form at the bottom of this page, email info@gomedjobs.com or just call us at 814-861-3100 or 888-458-0188.  Also, please make sure you click on “Employer – How It Works” and “Contact /About Us” on the top menu.  It provides additional details about the site and our service.

Is it Really Free to Post a Job (the “no such thing as a free lunch” saying)?

Well, yes and no.  As mentioned in the “Employer – How It Works” menu of this site, it is absolutely free to post a job.  But, GoMedJobs.com is not your typical job board.  We actively help you find candidates for your job position.  We quickly and effectively find candidates to fill your job by utilizing our proven recruitment methods (yes – we use more than just a job board listing).  Our recruiters use existing industry contacts, direct mail, social media, classified ads, job boards, our extensive resume database, etc. to find candidates for your job which needs filled.  And…we use the web site that you found us on (GoMedJobs.com) where 1,000’s of medical professionals visit each week.

We only get paid if you hire a candidate that we present to you.  And, our fee is only 10% of the candidate’s first year’s salary.  On top of that, we offer a 30-day guarantee from the candidates first day on the job!

Can you explain in a little more detail the 10% fee?

Glad you asked.  Our 10% fee (of the candidates first year’s salary) is only charged to you if we present a candidate to you that you deem acceptable…and ONLY if you hire the candidate we provide for the position.  If you shop around, you will quickly find out that this is a very resonable rate (the industry average is 15-20%).

Is there a contract that I must sign?

Yes – there is in fact a contract.  Once you are ready to post your first job, a representative of GoMedJobs.com (a division of RoyalCare Medical Staffing) will contact you with the details of our very simple, clearly written, 2 page contract.  But, there is really no risk on your part – you only pay us if you hire a candidate we recruit.

Do you provide any type of guarantee?

Sure we do.  We offer a 30-day guarantee should the employment by the referred candidate not workout,  If this happens, we will begin searching for a replacement candidate immediately.  Refer to our contract for more details.

What type of screening do you provide on the candidates?

We follow a very thorough 6-step process to provide you with the best candidates possible.  We provide a general screening of all candidates (including license verifications and an experience checklist) – and work with you to determine specific qualifications, as required by the job.  We do not provide background checks, drug screens, etc. (this can be set up for a fee if required). You will ultimately be responsible for verifying references concerning the candidate’s skills, qualifications, etc.   But, please rest assured that we do a very thorough job of screening the candidates, to meet all of your qualifications, prior to submitting their profile for your review.

What can I expect to receive when you submit a candidate?

We will provide you with the candidate’s resume, experience/skills checklist, and license verification (if it applies to the job). We will also work directly with you to set up an interview with the candidate, and provide any/all service to support you through the entire interview process.

Do you also provide support for temporary staffing?

Yes. We can also provide you with temporary staffing support.  See our web site at http://www.royalcaremedicalstaffing.com/ for more information, or contact us at info@gomedjobs.com , or call 814-861-3100.

How Exactly Do I Post a Job?

You submit your job to post on GoMedJobs.com by simply providing us with the job information (title, location, detailed description, salary, and other relevant information to fulfill the job).  You can fill out the form at the bottom of this page or send an email with the job information to  info@gomedjobs.com

More Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact by completing the form below, email info@gomedjobs.com, or call 814-861-3100 or 888-458-0188.